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Drive more viewers to your Twitch event

Add tens of thousands of concurrent viewers to your next streaming event by broadcasting live across our network of gaming and eSports sites.

Our streaming service is custom-designed to drive more viewers to your event.

Set Up

Simply tell us the details and we do the rest. Our pricing system is structured based on desired exposure and duration of the boost.


Each streaming event has custom options to fit your needs, whether you want to boost the entire event or just key parts.

Website Partners

We can also promote your event across our partner sites through articles, blog posts, and social media outreach.

How We Help

Unmatched Performance Backed by Our Multi-Million User Network

By partnering with ASTERI LiveStream, your event will be featured as a video player unit on additional relevant websites across our network. Sites include Prima Games, Twin Galaxies, and many more. Our monthly active user counts are in the millions. Reach more viewers, find more fans, and expand your exposure all with ASTERI LiveStream.

How does it work ?

Setup is simple. We input your event information into our system and generate codes, these codes are then distributed to our partner websites. Once the event starts, the player will appear on our partner sites. The size and placement is all customizable to fit page design and event needs.

Once the event has completed, the player disappears and we will prepare reports for your boosted stream.


Contact Asteri

Andy Price
We'll provide you with the code to insert on your website.


Provide Event Details

Select the customizable options to fit your streaming needs.


Stream Event with Boost

Once the event has been scheduled, we'll drive the users to your stream.