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ASTERI LiveStream User Network User Gain Statistics Infographic

Drive More Viewers to Your Streaming Event

Embed your stream on our network of major gaming websites and engage additional concurrent viewers.

We specialize in amplifying game publisher events, esports tournaments, and high profile streamers. Reaching your desired traffic goal on every livestream is our commitment.

The Asteri LiveStream viewer will run your live events on gaming sites all over the web. This guarantees you more real viewers, never bots.

ASTERI LiveStream User Network User Gain Statistics Infographic

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ASTERI LiveStream Client Call of Duty Warzone Wednesdays Twitch Live Stream
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WARZONE Wednesday

Asteri LiveStream is the amplification partner for Warzone Wednesday, broadcasting it live across the web on major gaming websites.

The numbers: 1 per week, 20,000+ concurrent viewers on Twitch, Consistently #1 or #2 most watched live channel on Twitch during the tournament times.

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ASTERI LiveStream Website Partners

How it Works

We start with your live stream on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube or Facebook.

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Your live stream is broadcasted across the web and paired with sites that fit the game, game genre, and streamer. New viewers see and interact with your stream from our partner sites.

Results and reporting. Engaging additional audience members from great game sites.

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